Paying your last respects to a family member or dear friend, could be your final farewell, Let us help you in any way possible to express the love and affection you have for your dearly departed.

It's a very traumatic experience when some-one close to you has just passed away, with all the planning for the funeral, we have a very good selection of wreaths for that special person.

Our deepest sympathy for your loss.

    We can cater for most
    arrangements or wreaths

    We understand the emotional aspect of
    making the right choices and provide
    a selection that will fit every eventuality.
    We can provide requests for certain colours or
    selection of flowers a person used to enjoy,
    and will obviously provide a moving tribute.
    Please enquire by telephone or
    visit the shop for special requests
    and to see our selection of wreaths
    that we can provide.

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