There are many varieties of flowers and each needs a little care to flourish in to the most beautiful blooms you have ever seen.

Follow the tips below for the best results achievable from your flowers.

Looking after your flowers.

Cut 1 inch slantwise off bottom, place in deep clean water one hour before arranging.

Looking after roses

As Above, if roses should flop at their heads, re-cut and plunge in 2 inches of boiling water for a short time. Your flowers and or roses should not be left in a draught, or near heat or in direct sunshine. Change water frequently.

Flower arrangment

Make sure the container is full of water and is kept topped up each day thereafter. If however, the flowers have been arranged in a water retaining material make sure that it is kept damp by adding water to the container each day. keep arrangment away from draughts and radiators. the cooler the room the longer the flowers will live.

Tied arrangments

It is important that you do not untie your flowers. After removing wrapping, trim ends of stems. Place arrangments in a suitable container and fill with water. As far as possible avoid putting flowers in a draught or hot location and keep out of direct sunshine.

Looking after hand-tied bouquet in water ("Aqua-pac")

Your hand-tied bouquet will occassionally need topping up with water. To do this, take bouquet to a sink and gently pour water out of a jug in to the centre of the flowers. If you wish to place the bouquet in to a vase, you will need to release the water. Carefully cut the cellophane bag, remembering to position the bouquet over a sink when doing so! Remove the wrapping, trim end of stems and place in vase. Do not leave flowers in a draught, near heat or direct sunlight.

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